Humble roots. Honorable results.

We were born out of a desire to build more for the Cal community.

This is a firm started almost a decade ago by one-time Cal student entrepreneurs, who saw opportunity to create support for technology business building. We embrace the ethos of Berkeley — knowledge for all — and believe the public sector deserves the same quality of funding the private has historically received.

The idea mushroomed into a thriving campus ecosystem of hackers, clubs, and funding for students. Later we learned Cal’s faculty also wanted support, so we funded their businesses. After that, Cal alumni at large. And like that, The House Fund was born.

One might say our firm started backwards, but we think that’s what makes it so special. We were grown from the community, so we are uniquely entwined with it. And most importantly, supported by it (see our AI initiative).

We are your peers, sitting side-by-side with you in the trenches. We call each other when shit hits the fan, because it does. We pick each other up. We keep each other going. And we are hungry to build greatness together.

This is the House.
 Welcome home.
Industry-Leading AI Faculty Partners
Seven of the world's leading experts on AI, helping us build The House to be the most concentrated ecosystem for AI initiatives in the world.
Work hard, question what is.
Like Berkeleyans do.
The sum is greater than its parts.
We are a team, not just individuals. When selected, entrepreneurs get access to The House in its entirety.
Do it without ego.
We don't have time for that stuff.
Operate like an entrepreneur.
We take action and initiative, creatively solving problems, and fearlessly exploring the unknown; the startup way.
Seek truth and greatness.
In people and ideas.
Be excellent to each other. Always.
Relentlessly pursue quality. To build for the long term.
Play The Long Game.
Invest in yourself, the firm, and others with a long-term mindset.