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We invest at inception stage in Berkeley’s top founders.

We pave the path from  0→1  and beyond for visionary founders.

Berkeley founders build generational companies. Apple. Tesla. Intel.

The House Fund founders are building the next generation. To date, we've partnered at inception with founders that have built 6 unicorns (7 total).
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AI@The House

We're building a new platform for AI startup creation. With six of the top AI researchers in the world, we're bringing together top hyper-scaler AI companies, startups, and research to build a new global center of gravity of AI activity in Berkeley. As a founder, we'll equip you with unparalleled access to AI talent, insights, and research to deliver your AI innovation to market.
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We believe in Berkeley startups.

To join The House, we’ll talk to any bold startup who has at least one founder who is a UC Berkeley alumni, faculty member, student, or affiliate.
We make 2 types of investments:
Up to
We like to be the first investor and are also happy to participate as part of a syndicate.
Up to
We'll follow a strong lead investor and participate as part of a Seed syndicate.
The energy, network, and resources that The House Fund brings to Berkeley is changing the landscape of entrepreneurship at Cal. They are bringing together the best resources and building a pathway of support for founders at all stages. Berkeley has been waiting for this.
The House Fund was one of our earliest supporters. They were helpful with recruiting and investor intros in Series A, and evangelized Superhuman far and wide. They work relentlessly for their startups. This is THE fund that Berkeley has always needed.
We are excited to work with The House Fund to invest in UC innovation and build a pioneering University venture fund. They're really adding to the Berkeley startup ecosystem and providing a huge value add to Berkeley entrepreneurs.
The House is long overdue. The opportunity at Berkeley is tremendous. It's been more difficult than we like to find all those opportunities... The House provides a single source of opportunities for us Series A investors.
Scott Shenker
Co-Founder, Databricks, Nefeli Networks, & Nicira (acq. $1.2B VMWare) | Professor, EECS