Davy Li

Head of Engineering, since 2018

What are you most excited about right now?
Innovations in social structures and governance
Favorite travel spot?
33°35'17.1"S 69°51'58.5"W
Bucket list item?
Become sponsored for skiing and/or travel guiding

I love the infectious energy of everyone at The House Fund and the people we work with every day. It's super exciting being on the ground floor of so much innovation coming out of the Berkeley community.


Davy Li heads the engineering efforts at The House Fund.

Before his current role, he was an engineering manager at Synack where he and his team built various cybersecurity tools that helped secure the digital assets of several Fortune 500 companies and US Government departments.

If out of the office, there's a good chance he can be found backpacking, mountaineering, and skiing in the Andes.

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