Adithya Iyengar

Principal, since 2019

Little-known secret about you?
I organize everything in my life via spreadsheets.
Bucket list item?
Become the Governor of North Carolina
Favorite ice breaker?
Two truths and a lie

We try to internally emulate what we look for in founders — being entrepreneurial and scrappy.


Adithya Iyengar is a recent graduate from the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences program at UC Berkeley and held a variety of roles in student organizations on campus, including leading a consulting group and being a part of the Student Investment Team at The House Fund for 2 years.

His most recent role prior to The House Fund was as an analyst at ACME Capital (formerly Sherpa Capital) and he has previously worked with the investment teams of DCM Ventures and Cofounders Capital.

Outside of work, Adithya can be found playing soccer or basketball, spending time with friends, and visiting North Carolina (his home state) when possible.

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