Taz Patel

Alumni Part-Time Partner, since 2021

What is your superpower?
Scaling sales revenue
What are you most excited about right now?
The emergence of new founder profiles. A hybrid of technical and business experience. Diverse backgrounds and experiences that tend to provide a unique lens into solving for real problems.
Bucket list item?
Hop onto a low orbital space travel vessel!

We are best known for our ability to actively support founders in an impactful way at the earliest stages.


Taz Patel is a long-time entrepreneur turned investor. He's been a champion of The House Fund from the beginning, serving as a friendly Advisor and early Limited Partner.

Taz previously co-founded Captiv8, a venture-backed, data-driven influencer marketing platform that continues to scale. He's been an early-stage startup sales leader since graduating UC Berkeley in 2005. As an operator, Taz has contributed to over four exits in the AdTech and MarTech space, and continues to advise startups in this ecosystem.

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