Pair Berkeley founders with their ideal resources and they're unstoppable.


What will the
future look like?

We don't invest based off hyped market trends. Instead, we talk to the brightest minds in the world who tell us where the technology is going, and how that will shape the world around it.

We invest in the unstoppable founders who show us what the future will look like.

AI@The House

Berkeley is building the future of AI.

Over the last decade we've seen advances in Artificial Intelligence unlock incredible capabilities. But there is much work to be done by academics, entrepreneurs, industries, and governments to develop AI technologies, translate its adoption, and ensure it is used wisely.

With its concentration of industry-leading AI researchers, startups, and corporations, Berkeley is becoming one of the most advanced global hubs for AI.

This is why we created AI@The House: a partnership with some of the top AI researchers in the world, to pair the research capability of the university with the business potential of startups, creating the ideal environment for AI startups to thrive.

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How we build

Custom Company Building

Since each founder has different needs, a batched, one-size-fits-all approach to company building, to us, seems like the VC equivalent of industrial mass-producing.

You can think of us as customized Venture Capital. We select startups by hand, and support according to your nuance for an environment situated to make your business thrive.

You won't see batches or group demo days here. All our help is tailored, even with a Personalized Demo Day— meetings with curated investors in your sector.

We do it the hard way because it’s the right way. There are no shortcuts or overnight successes, but the results are worth it.