Connect to the Deep Roots of the Cal Knowledge Network.

Berkeley founders are some of the most talented people in the world.

We pooled together some of the top Cal business minds, started connecting them, and it turned into a thriving environment at The House: entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, operators, product and engineering leaders, venture investors, and corporate executives. The perfect environment for early ideas to get the expertise and resources they need to thrive.

AI@The House

We are building the next generation of AI technologies with AI@The House.

We built AI@The House, a unique partnership with seven of the top AI researchers in the world, with one core purpose: to bring Berkeley AI startups to the forefront of the twenty-first century.

Startups present an incredible mechanism for translating academic research into the marketplace, and Berkeley is the perfect spot for entrepreneurs to access AI expertise. We’re creating an ecosystem for AI where fundamental theoretical advances, innovative algorithms, and efficient system implementations can be brought to bear on high-value problems that can support new, industry-defining businesses.

We envisioned a new engine for AI innovation that closely couples academia, startups, industry, and talent; everything needed to support the next wave of leading AI startups. Our professional and academic expertise spans across the full stack of AI — theory and statistics, computer vision, systems, robotics, security, algorithms, hardware, and more.

meet the experts

We built a

Access these critical curated resources
for early business success.

Co-investors, follow-on investors, filling out rounds; Personalized Demo Days
World class CEOs, CTOs, & domain experts
Intros to Fortune 2000
Engineering & data science talent
Strategy and contacts with mainstream and tech press
Service Providers
Lawyers, accountants, CFOs, tax advisors
Campus Access
Access to professors, labs, university knowledge, 60K+ people on campus
Berkeley Alumni Access
500K+ alumni
Best Practices
0 to 1 company building knowledge
Rent-Free Space
At The House, if requested
Free Software & Services
Up to $500K + free/discounted software
Dinners, happy hours, domain specific events
Founders, investors, and mentors eager to help

Want to plug into The House?

How we partner

We cover 4 areas

Where are you today?
Where do you have to be in six, twelve, and twenty-four months?
We'll share the expertise and resources to solve your specific objectives, and move faster.
What accelerants are you missing?
The House is an ecosystem made up of three parts:
The Fund
Providing the earliest stage of startup funding and support for entrepreneurs with Berkeley ties.
AI@The House
Our AI Initiative which brings together the best in AI research, startups, corporations, and talent to build the ideal environment for thriving AI startups in Berkeley.
The Accelerator
A new program for Cal startups to receive up to $250,000 in funding and access to our personalized support platform.


We're early believers.
Helping you build mountains from a few good stones, bringing your vision to reality by taking the first financial leap with you before others will.
Universities are prolific
With the constantly evolving and expanding pool of ideas, we believe a University community is one of the world's best platforms to push ideas to market validation.
Peers make the best
Not formal, stodgy relationships. We are in the trenches with you, every step of the way.
Resourcefulness is a virtue. Hustle is a way of life.
We bring it day-in and day-out, to help you get what you need, when you need it.
There's no
You and your startup are special, with unique needs. We focus on adding value where it matters most to you.
It's all about the
Your employees are your DNA. So are the VCs you partner with. We bring the almost 600,000 talented alumni, students, and affiliates to bear, to help you grow your team and support system.