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Digital stethoscope maker Eko nets $65M to develop home telehealth offerings
Eko secured $65 million to expand the use of its devices in hospitals and clinics—and power the launch of an AI monitoring platform for patients at home.
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Ayar Labs raises $35 million to develop light-based chip interconnects
Ayar Labs, a startup leveraging novel silicon processing techniques to develop high-speed "chiplets," has raised $35 million.
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3D Printing Industry
HP to adopt Dyndrite geometry kernel for its next generation 3D printing platform
Multinational printing firm HP and Seattle-based software company Dyndrite have announced a new strategic 3D printing partnership. The deal will see Dyndrite license its 3D geometry kernel to HP for use
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Anyscale adds $40M to bring its Ray-based distributed computing tech to the enterprise masses – TechCrunch
The world of distributed computing took on a new profile this year when Folding@home, a 20-year-old distributed computing project, found itself picking up thousands of new volunteers to help COVID-19 researchers generate more computing power to fold proteins and run other calculations needed for sc…
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Fierce Biotech
After R&D tryout, Astellas opts to acquire bioelectronics maker Iota Biosciences in $304M deal
Astellas Pharma has moved to acquire the bioelectronics developer Iota Biosciences, for its ultra-small implantable medical devices the Japanese drugmaker says can be applied toward multiple diseases.
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Email startup Superhuman debuts a cheaper $10/month tier for students and academics – TechCrunch
Email startup Superhuman has been lauded by plenty in the tech community as a simpler and faster way to navigate email, but at $30 per month, the service's hefty subscription price has been out of reach for plenty of potential users. Today, the startup is taking some aims to bring more users …
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AI Is a New Weapon in the Battle Against Counterfeits
Algorithms that can spot features invisible to the human eye are helping to protect retailers and shoppers from a glut of fake goods.
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Commercial Observer
HelloOffice Raises $20M in Series A Funding
Tech-based commercial brokerage firm HelloOffice announced today that it raised $20 million in Series A financing.
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Quantum Computing Startup Raises $215 Million for Faster Device
PsiQuantum's photon-based model is still years away, but the company says it'll be more powerful than Google's or IBM's.
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Building a World Where Data Privacy Exists Online
Dawn Song, an expert in computer security and trustworthy artificial intelligence, is working on making that vision a reality. Data is valuable - something that companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon realized far earlier than most consumers did. But computer scientists have been working on alternative models, even as the public has grown weary of having their data used and abused.
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Oh, the Places We'll Wander — Announcing our Series B
We're excited to announce that we've raised a $15 million Series B round led by Founders Fund, bringing our total funding to $27 million. Keith Rabois will also join our board of directors.
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