Cameron Baradar

Partner, since 2016
Little-known secret about you?
English was my second language, and I have over 30 first cousins!
Favorite travel spot?
Annapurna, Nepal
Who is your dream dinner party guest?
Michael Scott
They say you're lucky if you find an intersection of purpose and passion in your work. The House Fund is the perfect bridge of that for me.

While a student at Cal, Cameron Baradar started his venture career as Co-Founder & Managing Director of Free Ventures, a student-run incubator with an average follow on investment of $1M per team.

After graduating, he then worked as a research engineer on microfluidic based point of care diagnostics, before doing software engineering as employee #3 at the analytics startup Mapsense, acquired by Apple in 2015.

For Cameron, doing venture for a community of brilliant Cal entrepreneurs is the ideal way to make an impact with his life and career. Each day, he works with passionate, relentless founders trying to bring something new into the world that they fundamentally believe needs to exist.

He has been working to support Berkeley startups for the past six years. He lives in Berkeley and when not working can be found at a Cal football or basketball game, or hiking in the Bay Area.